Congratulations on the newest member of your family!

Here are some tips on caring for your jade plant.


Jade plants enjoy living in sunny places -- indoors or outdoors. But not too much sun. If you notice leaves looking brown and dry, it may be a sign that your plant is getting sun burnt. Find a spot that gets morning sun outdoors, or sun that is filtered through windows.

Let their soil dry out between waterings. I usually give my jade plants water every 1-2 weeks, depending on the weather. For plants in containers without drainage, be especially light and try every other week.

As you jade plant grows you can help shape it. For a denser plant, pinch off leaves to encourage new growth. If your plant looks a little droopy, consider pruning any downward falling branches.


Trimmed leaves and branches can grow into new jade plants! 

Let the leaves dry in a shady spot for a week after removing. Once you see roots beginning to sprout, dip them into a little rooting hormone and lay them on the surface of pot filled with cactus soil. Water only a tiny bit, once a week. Once you have a baby jade, water as described above.

For branches, allow to dry in a shady spot for about a week after trimming. Dip in a little rooting hormone and plant the trimmed part into a pot of cactus soil, about an inch deep. Water once a week... and be gentle with it while it digs its roots into the soil.


Are you a visual learner? This guy will explain how to grow baby jades (with a buttery accent).