back to painting practice

In a recent dream, an old friend (and actual ceramic artist) was asking me what I was working on with my pottery. "Oh, really I'm just trying to make forms that are decent enough that I can get to glazing them. I just want to paint on the pots." This has been my standard answer to anyone who asks what I'm making with clay. But, when I said this in my dream, my friend replied, "It sounds like you should just be painting." 

Yes. Probably true. Now seems as good a time as any to begin again. 

I placed a hearty Blick order, started rebuilding my studio, and reconnecting to my studio practice. Here are my first marks in oil since 2007 (all 30"x30" oil on canvas). It feels really good to be back with the familiar smells of linseed and turpentine. To look down at my cuticles during the day and see the color palette of last night's work still buried in there. And I'm happy to report that I've begun dripping paint on a new generation of clothes.