passing time with patterns

Today was spent selling beautiful things to the people of San Jose. It's so lovely to watch someone's face as they discover the cute potted jade plant they need to have, or the set of tiny cups they've been looking for forever. It's priceless to talk with the long-time San Jose resident, as he flips through my postcards of the city, about his memories of the places I've photographed. I'm learning that most people are unfamiliar with smudge sticks (which is why I now pair them with a little description card) and that everyone wants to touch my pom-poms, but can't quite figure out what they are for (which is why I'm working on a little guide to pom-pom purposes). 

In between these moments, is a lot of time. Time, which I've been filling by painting quilt patterns with watercolors. I like how the fluidity of the watercolor paint contradicts the rigidity of the quilt pattern structure. It's somewhat reflective of my own artistic personality: I know what things should look like when done "right" but rather prefer that they turn out a bit wonky -- it's more human that way. 

Still considering what, if anything, could be done with them. Since they repeat easily, perhaps gift wrap for the holidays?