San Jose Holiday Market

This weekend I partnered up with swelchies and .:angipantscrafts:. to sell gifts and goodies at the SJMade Holiday market in San Pedro Square. This was my third time participating in a local market, and it was my favorite experience so far! Such a lovely venue filled with talented vendors and a great crowd of people. 

I feel so fortunate to be able to make lovely things and then put them into the world for people to see and find joy from encountering. Of course, making sales is one great reward from all this: it feels like I'm a kid playing "shop." But setting up a shop is also like creating a temporary gallery space. There are many people who stop by just to look, to see, maybe to interact, maybe to reflect. In the case of a holiday fair, many people are shopping for gifts.

Which means that a stop at my shop might be an excuse for them to meditate on another person: What would my sister want? Would my cousin like this vase? Is this his style? What does my friend really need? I kind of want this for myself; can I shop for myself today? How much am I willing to spend on my coworker? etc. I suppose there is plenty of art in museum and galleries which prompts viewers to consider themselves in relation to other people, but it seems that this sort of venue encourages visitors to think about their immediate relationships in a very specific way. And in some cases, asks them to consider the monetary value of these relationships.  

That's something I've been thinking about as I explore the overlap between fine art and functional art. But then, I might prefer to be more like the children who run to my table and pick up the jumbo pompoms: there doesn't need to be a bigger purpose. Just enjoy it.