Balcony Container Garden... what to do with all those herbs?

My balcony gardens have been thriving all summer and all that greenery is enough to soften the gritty city surrounding me. Certainly my top pick for enjoying my morning coffee (or sunset glass of wine). 

But what to do with all the herbs? Production was exceeding demand in the kitchen. 

Perhaps it was my sister's gift of a Joshua Tree smudge stick that inspired me to look up "make your own smudge stick." Turns out, it's as easy as you think: Cut nice smelling herbs. Wrap them with cotton string. Let dry. Burn. (Or don't. They're pretty enough for just looking.) 

Below are my first attempts at bundling and wrapping. I used lavender, rosemary, and sage. They are drying by my bedside (sitting in a bowl on a cast concrete tray, both made by yours truly). It will be a few weeks until they will be ready to burn, though I'm enjoying them quite a bit, already.

Once dry, I'll be posting them in the SHOP for sale.