house as art part 1 : first priorities

Before the "Sold" sign was even up, I was already planning my changes to the interior of my first house.

I had my priorities: #1 Get rid of the nasty carpet and laminate flooring. #2 Get rid of the bright orange walls in the master bedroom, the yellow walls in the reading room, and add a little freshness to other rooms with paint. #3 Get rid of the dust-collecting IKEA curtains pooling on the floors throughout the house.

For the floors, I collected tons of samples from various sources but settled on working with San Jose Hardwood Floors. They installed EcoFusion Prefinished 1/2" x 4-1/2" x 72-7/8" Solid Lock Strandwoven Bamboo in "Carbonized" throughout and Unique Carpet ETNA Stylewool carpet in "Oatmeal" on the stairways (because it is really expensive to install wood floors on stairs!). 

I sampled shades from The Shade Store and Smith and Noble. In the end, I chose a duo of roller shades: Solar Roller Shades in Cybernet/White which offer privacy during the day while softening the view out (and sunlight/UV rays/heat coming in). And Classic Roller Shades in Summer/White which are opaque in both directions and offer privacy at night or additional light and heat protection during the day. While many designers demand fabric curtains over all windows, I found that stopping at roller shades helps the room feel more minimalist and open. Avoiding curtains also cuts down on dust in the room (which I'm pretty allergic to). 

Finally, for paints, I went with Benjamin Moore. Mountain Peak White for the guest room and master bedroom. Drummond Blue for the reading room. And Knoxville Gray to accent the dining room and kitchen areas, as well as the master bedroom wall.

While I had the floors and carpets being taken care of professionally, I decided to do all the painting myself. A big trip to Lowes + a couple of cases of beer + several kind friends  = much better walls. A few pics of the process below:

I'll share more about the interiors in later posts, but for a sneak peek, check out my floors, highlighted in a blog post by San Jose Hardwood Floors.