house as art part 2: design before moving

Moving is hard. I've moved my worldly possessions about 10 times in my life (not including studies abroad where I lived out of a suitcase for months). Around the 8th move, I realized that life was easier if you pay someone to help you move. But heavy lifting is only part of the process. There's the decluttering, the packing, and the most fun part of unpacking and starting fresh. 

For this move, I had helpers for the heavy lifting to whom I provided this handy chart of where everything should go:

About 75% of my stuff ended up in the right place. Which isn't terrible -- imagine if I hadn't provided a neat diagram! 

But how did I get to this diagram? A huge helper was RoomSketcher ( This tool can be used in your browser window to help you map out and visualize rooms in your home. You can even take 3D screenshots. Below is an example of the RoomSketcher model on the left, furniture placement in the middle, and final guest room on the right.