To market, to market...

There are people who strategically sign up for 10Ks, in order to motivate them to really go from couch to race day. It is in this spirit, that I signed up to sell things at a pop-up shop in October... and then again in November, just in case it goes well the first time. Even if it goes poorly, the shop is next to a brewery, so how poorly can it really go?  

Aside from this year's day of selling S*sterSh*t at the High Desert Test Sites booth (Sky Village Swap Meet), I've never sold my work at an event. However, I've seen enough craft tables to know what I do not want my set-up to look like. i.e. I do not want to look like a Michael's threw up on a table. As I try to bridge the worlds of art and craft, making functionally beautiful things, I am wondering: How do I market this stuff in a way that feels authentic to my work? What does a minimalist display look like? 

The solution I'm sitting with for now is that I'd like to try my hand at keeping commercial display products (stands, racks, etc.) out of the equation. Instead, I'm going to try to find, gather, and build as much as possible, myself. I have about a month to pull this off.

Here's who is inspiring me...

Summer Camp

As you can see from these images off their instagram feed, all their products are drool-worthy. And then they go and stick them all together in one place! Swoon.

Carol Morley
picture pulled from @kabinshop

Her texture pots are delicious (as are the watercolor cacti on her website). I especially like the hot pink price stickers. Images from her feed:


Amanda Perez of

I was so happy to come across her tent at the Luna Park Chalk Festival last weekend: is a sea of styles I'd like to avoid, was her refined display of joyful succulents and cacti in upcycled planters. And, it was so crowded, that this close-up was all I could snag day-of. The below photo from her instagram feed gives a better idea of how it looked pulled together! 

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 6.56.47 PM.png

These and more can be found on my Sale Style pinterest board.