those who can't do...

Fact: People who knew me in my teens and 20's, knew I made art.

Fact: People who have only gotten to know me in my 30's are predominantly unaware of the aforementioned fact. 

In 2007, I packed up my life and moved to and island in the Caribbean. Such a move meant leaving behind my oils, my gesso, my rabbit skin glue. A camera was the only tool I brought with me; and ever since, my camera has been my preferred method of representing the world. But, with the exception of my recent ribbon-winning photo of a local fast-food chain, I have not been particularly public with my work.

Seven years later, I again had space for a studio. In a happy weekend, I primed the unfinished walls of my garage, installed homasote panels for easy tacking-up of work, and arranged things into a potentially usable space. I purchased some new brushes and supplies, and... that was as far as I got. When I tried to make something -- anything -- it just didn't seem practical. 

Pour me a glass of wine and we can consider the possible reasons for my artist's block. But before turning myself completely over to cynicism, I am giving art for art's sake one more chance. And as the saying goes: Those who can't do, teach. This week I kicked off a class on Mixed Media for adults. It's very foundational, and my one goal is to give people the space and encouragement they need to get into the flow and quiet their monkey minds for a couple of hours a week. In return, I hope this gives me the space to discover if making things without practical purpose is in still in my blood, or not. A few pictures from the first class below: