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It's been a busy month of making.

 I hoped that teaching would rekindle my own interest in mixed media, and indeed it Teaching an introductory art class to Googlers in September was so much fun. It had been ages since I had set up any sort of formal curriculum, and the first time I've ever done so with adults. And I was able to make some neat things alongside my students. 

In the ceramics studio, I went through many pounds of clay, and seem to be feeling comfortable enough with shape, that  now I have begin integrating texture into some pieces. I also branched out and added some new, darker, glaze formulas to my repertoire (perhaps inspired by the shorter fall days?). 

And, as I looked back at photos to make prints of (to sell at my October 24th pop-up shop) I came up with my Sensitive Iguanas series... which looks terrific as a greeting card!

Check these out and more in the Shop.  

Sensitive Iguanas of the Galapagos cards
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