Pondering Paris

Planning a trip to Paris soon? I am! Here’s what I plan to do while I'm there…

People Watch at the Stravinsky Fountain

Stravinsky Fountain, circa 1984. 

Stravinsky Fountain, circa 1984. 

The Stravinsky Fountain has made me smile since I was young. The colorful moving sculptures by Niki de Saint Phalle and Jean Tinguely spin and squirt -- offering a lovely place to sit and rest. I hope to check out Brancusi's studio and whatever else is happening at the Pompidou, followed by some serious people watching here. https://www.centrepompidou.fr/en

Browse the shelves of Shakespeare and Company

For an American feeling homesick in Paris, this is your refuge. It holds books in English and French, along with 60+ years of history. When I lived here in 2000, it was one of my favorite places to hang out and read classic literature. https://shakespeareandcompany.com/

Visit the "new" Rodin Museum

It was my favorite museum in Paris -- mostly because of the outdoor sculpture garden. The Rodin Museum reopened last fall after a 3 year renovation. Let's see if it's still my fav. http://www.musee-rodin.fr/en

Go on a photo hunt for street art 

Everything's better in Europe, including the graffiti. There's sure to be eye candy everywhere, but I'm especially excited to check out Le M.U.R. (a wall on Oberkampf, sanctioned for graffiti and overseen by a nonprofit) and to see what else is going on in my old stomping grounds of the 11th arrondissement. http://lemur.asso.fr/

Walk the Petite Ceinture

La Petite Ceinture 

La Petite Ceinture 

An old railway line which stopped being used in the 30's has been officially opened as a walkway for the public. Wondering how it compares to the high line in NYC.

Eat everything. 

The bread. The pastries. The cheese. The wine. Everything.


What else should I do while I'm there? Does anyone know any Paris-based artists or makers I should meet? Or where to get the best café crème?