my brand story

Every business tells a story through what it puts out into the world: products, graphics, copy, etc. Having an attractive and consistent brand story is key to success in one's market, which is why people will pay lots of money for help developing their identity. 

Since I am Funkhouser Design, this didn't seem like an important step to take prior to making or marketing work. I make things that I think look nice and are fun. As long as I am consistently being authentic, everything should align. Right? 

To check, I recently did an exercise. I reviewed my digital media (this website and my instagram feed), printed products (business cards, logos), and physical products (crafts, interior design) and artwork. Then, I pulled together story these told.

No surprises: I am Funkhouser Design. This is my color palette. My aesthetic is simple and nature-inspired. And my humor juxtaposes classic & genuine with fresh & sarcastic.