Ceramic feeds to follow

I've been fighting off a cold for the past few days so in between napping, drinking tea and blowing my nose, I've kept in touch with the outside world through Instagram. If I can't stand up long enough to make something in the studio, I can at least be inspired by those who are busy at work! Here are some of the ceramic artists who inspire me.


mtwashingtonpottery  Stunning simplicity, LA artist Beth Katz.


@studioarhoj Possibly the happiest studio on earth, Copenhagen based Studio Arhoj posts a good balance of beautiful and whimsical pottery.


@katandroger Kat Hutter and Roger Lee are busting out these graphic beauties from their LA studio. 


@tortus_copenhagen From the prettiest workspace in Copenhagen, Eric Landon posts gorgeous inspiration along with extremely helpful video vignettes of his hands in motion on the wheel.  


@helen_levi I love how Brooklyn's Helen Levi plays with marbling different clays.


@hey_yonder_shop Artist and shop owner, Linda Fahey, creates delicately decorated pieces to sell at her Pacifica, CA store. 


@a_n_k_ceramics Maine's Ariela Kuh makes some beautiful shapes. I am particularly inspired by how she plays with black and white (both with clay bases and glazes). 


@smallwildshop A little different from these others is Small Wild's Danielle Pederson who keeps things magical. I especially like how creatures in her online shop are organized by Habitat.