Jim Campbell at the San Jose ICA

When I popped over to the Institute of Contemporary Art the other day, I was the only person there. Lucky me! I had Jim Campbell's work all to myself.  

Like many impressionist paintings, Campbell's pieces are most representative from a distance. When you approach them, the individual components become clearer while the imagery fades away. Only, instead of brush marks, you approach grids of led lights.

Several of the pieces are collaborations between Campbell and the artist Jane Rosen. I had not know about Rosen, and unfortunately there's very little information about her on the ICA website or at the exhibit. Which is a shame, because once I began exploring her website www.janerosen.com, it didn't take long before I was considering taking a drawing workshop with her at her San Gregorio ranch. 

The ICA will be offering free guided meditations in this space in January, at noon on Tuesdays (sorry, employed people, no free guided meditation for us). But those of us with jobs could attend a Sunday panel discussion with the artist and local techies on "Perception vs. Reality" on January 10th. I strongly suggest anyone in the area check this out before it closes on Feb. 7th.