black and white with a pop of pink

16x12 mixed media on paper

Some of these are framed and ready to go up in a Google office building on Friday! I've been working on a statement to hang with them. Here's what I've got so far: 

In my studio practice, I sometimes step away from the restraints of representation and allow myself the space to focus on media. These studies are examples of that approach. The process yields investigations of texture, depth, and the properties of the materials. Compositions of acrylic, ink, oil pastel, and charcoal, explore the relationships of these materials to one-another. 
All materials bring with them their own history and personality; they have their own story to tell. The process of art making requires the artist to be in dialogue with the media. These works are a visual record of conversations held in my studio. I present them to you, so that you may bring your own voice to the exchange.