opuntia exhibit is up at Google

Throughout the Google campus are office galleries, managed by employee volunteers. I feel fortunate to have caught the eye of one gallery owner who invited me to show work in one of the Sunnyvale buildings. 

Installation day! 

Installation day! 

And then, I added one of my potted jade plants to pull everything together. 


During a visit to Joshua Tree in the spring of 2015, I became obsessed with opuntia basilaris (beavertail cactus). The bright pink flowers of this minty, matte plant punctuated the desert landscape: a pop of party life in an otherwise neutral environment. I brought photographs and sketches of them back to the studio where I began exploring their shapes and essence in different media. Now, I seem to find members of the opuntia everywhere -- prickly pear farms in Morocco, a beavertail at the foot of a sculpture in the Musee d’Orsay, and in the gardens of neighbors in San Jose. Each sighting brings a sense of joy and familiarity.