Taco Festival of Innovation

Yesterday, I set up shop at the Taco Festival of Innovation in San Jose's History Park. These local pop-ups are as a chance to connect with people by engaging around my artwork (and tacos).

People flip through the cards, art prints, and photographs. When they find ones they relate to they'll hold it up to show a friend -- or, if there isn't a friend, they look to me with a smile. 

They'll ask me questions about my process. I'll ask them questions about their day. 

It's real-time impact. A nice contrast to having work hanging on distant walls, where the audience's responses are mostly kept hidden from the artist. 

I'll be back there today for the Electronic Sriracha Festival. Stop by, and say "hi."

Shout out to my fabulous co-pop-upper Shannon, of swelchies.com, whose gnomes and unicorns are the real stars of every shop.